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Antariksa Safar

Antariksa: Indonesian word for ‘outer space’
Safar, ???: Arabic / Persian word for ‘travel’

It’s been only two weeks and a half since my last post but it’s felt like forever. It also felt surreal, because just three days after Mama passed away, our first son was born. He’s named Antariksa Safar for our hope that he will travel and be humbled by places on Earth and beyond. We hope that his name will remind him that universe is great, that there is sky above the sky, and he’s a stardust to keep on moving.

For my and my husband‘s sky, Antariksa is a rainbow. If it’s not for him and his cries, I think we will still see Mama in every corner of the room. Sometimes I wonder if he were born earlier, he could have met his Nin (Sundanese word for ‘grandma’) but I truly believe that God owns the time and He knows just the best about timing.

So it’s been about two weeks since I started a new journey of motherhood. Some people told me, “Oh wow, I’ve always remembered you as a highschool student blogger.” Well, I say, “Oh wow!” to myself. Although I know that I’m 27 and feeling like 27 (and wise and stable and prepared), when for the first time the baby was brought to my room I really couldn’t help thousands of feelings surged then mixed inside of me: grateful for the uncountable blessings, excited for the future family days outdoor, anxious if I would ever be good enough, even afraid of unlimited possibilities of losing or simply, you know, happy just for being.


Alhamdulillah, Antariksa was born healthy, 3.7kgs and 48cms long

Our dear Antariksa, welcome to the world. We promise that we’ll love you and take care of you. Trust me, Ibu & Abi will do the best and we’re going to have a lot of adventures together! :D


Also with this post, I and my husband would like to thank you all once again for your supports and prayers and good wishes and words via any medium. Everything meant so much for our little family. :)



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