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Hello 2017

Our 2017 was started with fireworks in Lembang, Bandung. Hundreds of them, I guess, because I lost count. I stayed under the blanket covering Antariksa’s little ears hoping he could sleep well. Fireworks party has never been my thing; too bright and too loud.

In the morning everything was back as usual. We had breakfast, took some photos, visited some relatives in Bandung, and went home after a terribly late lunch. On our way home, I got cold, dizzy and nauseous while Antariksa probably felt it too because he cried and only wanted to be held by me. I threw up. As soon as we got home, I had warm tea and porridge then went straight to bed with Antariksa in my hand.

Well, it wasn’t my best day and in a way, I felt that I lost the good moment to start 2017; to start doing things. However, sleeping next to Antariksa and my husband after an exhausting day reminded me that a day or a year doesn’t always have to get a perfect beginning and a happy ending to work.

On the January 2nd we went for morning stroll and didn’t do much for the rest of the day and on January 3rd I treated myself with a massage and Makoto Shinkai’s movies. Not bad at all for warming up :D

So let me begin this year on the 4th day with another new year’s resolutions:

  • To live healthily; keep eating fruit and vegetables, run again or do yoga in the morning
  • To learn to be a mother, a best friend, someone to look up to for Antariksa while at the same time…
  • to be able to create things and continue the road to become Working At Home Mom (WAHM)
  • Living with less, giving more
  • To connect with more people; friends, family, extended family

Above all: to keep going.

Cheers! to keep going! :)



  1. Happy new year Put, hope 2017 will bring much love and happiness to you and your family. Semoga resolusi2nya terlaksana yaa :)

    • Happy New Year 2017 Dixieee :D Amin. Semoga tahun ini lebih baik dan lebih keren lagi dan lagi untuk Dixie! :D

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