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A Weekend Offline

Last Friday my mobile phone stopped working. After 2 years 3 months of working extremely hard (I practically used it for everything: communicating with everyone including my clients and customers, drawing and doodling, taking and editing pictures, jotting down writing ideas, browsing, etc) it just stopped. Maybe it just got tired and I just couldn’t accept it. I tried some tricks to extend its life a bit longer but none of them worked. Well, clearly I had to buy a new mobile phone.

I hate to admit that when it comes to buying expensive things, I always turn indecisive. Actually it shouldn’t’ have been so difficult since the replacement must accommodate my need to draw and the option went down to only 2 types. On Saturday, I spent too long thinking and on Sunday morning we already had plan to go to Bandung for a little weekend escape with extended family.

I still hadn’t got a new mobile phone but I decided to try letting it be. I should confess that I often mock myself for seeming unable to live without internet connection; for always being well-informed, gooling before answering, sharing pieces of my life through social media, and worrying how many minutes are left before I have to charge the battery.

Turned out that a couple of days of digital detox were perfect for me. Yes, it was impractical when I needed to contact and update my location to the others but other than that… just great. I didn’t have to ask for Google’s opinion the fastest route, I didn’t bother to check email or social media notifications that usually pop up all the time and I took pictures with a real camera again. I also finished a novel during the trip and thought that I spend more time writing.

…and for sure, I talked more with the family members :)

Well, I think I have to do it regularly.

What about you? When was the last time you went offline for days?


  1. I think my last digital detox was two days in September, during my vacation. I should do it more often, probably one Sunday every month.
    I love turning off my phone and hug my books :)

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