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Are We Collecting The Moments or Losing Them?

Taking pictures all the time turns you into an observer. It automatically takes you out of the moment… For our trip to Venice I wanted to be in the moment, with Jack. But, instead of kissing on the gondola, Jack took 48 pictures on the gondola… Instead of holding hands walking across Piazza San Marco, Jack took 72 pictures of Piazza San Marco.

(Marion, ‘2 Days in Paris (2007)’)

Taking thousands of photos nowadays, are we collecting the moments? Or are we actually losing them?

Btw, I love this movie and definitely gave it 5 stars. It’s funny and smart and makes me think that maybe If I were given a chance to hang out and talk with Julie Delpy, we would like each other and could be good friends. I also think that it is actually the romantic comedy version of ‘Before Sunset’ (minus Ethan Hawke). You guys should watch it, if you haven’t.

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