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Happiness is Homemade

First of all, I’d humbly say Al-hamdu lillahi rabbil ‘alamin.

I’m so grateful that ‘Happiness is Homemade’, book written and illustrated by me has officially been published by Bentang Pustaka. Although this is not my first experience in book writing and illustration, it’s indeed my first book :’)

Here’s the blurb:

Happiness Is Homemade is a charmingly illustrated book, especially made to prevent us from stressing over this crowded digital world that often plagues us.

A blogger, illustrator, and doodle artist–Puty Puar- shares her simplest yet deepest thought about life. What is happiness? Where do we find it? She tried to picture it; that happiness isn’t a matter of size; big or small, near or far, alone or together. The book offers a bunch of inspirations and some sources of happiness:

  • Giving a sincere comment and accepting one.
  • Unexpectedly finding money forgotten inside your pocket.
  • Getting home on time, just before the rain started
  • Deleting messages you thought you’ll never let go.

Eventually, happiness is indeed inside our heart. And home is wherever out heart is, and happiness is homemade.

You may take pictures of this book and share to the others if you want to. Do tag @byputy and @hihomemade on Instagram!

So yes, this book consists of 150+ fully illustrated pages of simple happiness such as:

And for an instant happiness, there is a page of stickers included in the book:

‘Happiness is Homemade’ by Puty Puar
Paperback, 164 pages
Published January 15th 2018 by Bentang Belia
ISBN13: 9786024302290
Edition Language: English

You can get them at Indonesian bookstores, and also some online bookstores such as:

How It Began

This project was started from a virtual chit chat between me and Mbak Nadia. Surely this wasn’t our first time working together. She was the editor of ‘365 Ideas of Happiness‘ and ‘The Art of Thrifting‘. ‘Happiness’ seemed to be a keyword she was about to turn into book while it’s always been my favorite topic: happiness, gratitude, the feeling of being enough. I’m pretty sure that everyone who’s been following my blog knows it.

So yes, I popped the idea, “What about a book that reminds us of simple happiness, little daily things that we tend to overlook and take for granted? You know, like finding money on the bag you haven’t worn for months, or listening to your high school favorite song at the supermarket while grocery shopping.” Mbak Nadia bought it, and then I started to write and illustrate the book.

It turned out that writing a book about simple happiness isn’t simple because ‘simple’ itself is a tricky word. I would say that looking at my son sleeping next to me is a real simple happiness and it happens at least twice a day, but what about for those couples who have been trying to conceive for years? I would say that eating a bar of chocolate is a simple happiness, but what about for those who have diabetes? So yeah, it was challenging and a bit depressing to be honest :p Thanks to the editor and my family for being very supportive (and also thanks to the countless mugs of midnight coffee…… hahahah)

Family Support

As I mentioned earlier, thanks to my family for being very supportive and in this case family isn’t only my husband but also: my mother, my father, Mbak Yanti, and Madame Tuti. The book simply would not exist without them because as I’ve always told: working at home is not easy at all, even when home is the sole inspiration for the work itself. I couldn’t count the hours I asked them to babysit Antariksa while I worked.

Even after the book was about to be launched, I desperately sent an emergency message to my family group chat because I had to sign 200 books and manually doodled 200 pcs of special postcards for those who pre-ordered. :’) Ayah helped to babysit Antariksa while Bunda and Mbak Yanti helped me cleaning the house because I couldn’t handle it. Superb team work!

Yes, everything was manually doodled!


I don’t think I should rate book I wrote because I would give it 7/5 stars :’))) But even if I weren’t the writer and only a random reader, I would recommend this book for your inner child. It is a very very light book but I hope that it will give something to those who read it.

Thank you all for the support :’) If you have already read it and you have some comments, please do write them below :3



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