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City Person

I’m always confused when asked whether I’m a mountain person or beach person. Neither. I’m a city person. What’s wrong with that?

But what’s wrong with not answering?

Do we really have to answer every single question?

Isn’t not answering an answer?

Probably that’s why people invented vending machine.

or escaping to bookstore.

because nobody really pushes somebody else to answer. People just choose. If it’s bad, it’s bad. If it’s good, good for them. Nobody judges somebody for deciding to have something like lemon vanilla ice cream in a can or book in a language he doesn’t speak.

Or not choosing organic labeled snacks.

Or buying exactly the same thing every day.

Or letting one’s inner child stays.

Or taking picture of shoes.

Or posing with a blue Snoopy.

Making peace signs.

Or missing a city.

Or just missing a lot of things.

What’s really wrong with that?


  1. opat says

    yaampun puuut aku juga mikir giniii dan akhirnya waktu itu aku post di IG soal I am truly a city person and that ia nothing wronghahaha

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