Puty Puar.

Indonesian, born in Jakarta, currently living in Bekasi. Spent 4 years studying geology in Bandung then 5 years working with it at an energy company in Balikpapan. Married to a geoscientist. A mom of a son. Nowadays she’s working from home, doing illustration, design, and also a little business. She’s always into books and she authored / co-authored ones (please refer to this page).

She enjoys traveling just like almost every millennial. She also writes B.yond W.rds, a blog of black and white photos and some imperfect writings.


Please refer to this page.

About This Blog

Puty started ‘Puty’s Journal’ when she was a junior high school student in 2003. After years and years being alternately written in Bahasa Indonesia and English, this blog covers various topic such as personal thoughts, traveling notes and itineraries, review of places, books and movies, art and design.

However, these days, it’s mostly written in Bahasa Indonesia and focusing on motherhood & family niche. Per June 2018, ‘Puty’s Journal’ is visited by averagely 12,000+ visitors per month with averagely 30,000+ page views. This blog is also connected and integrated to social medias such as Twitter, and Instagram @byputy with 17,000+ followers.

Puty is currently open for collaboration with mutual benefits and paid partnerships. For media kit and business inquiries please contact: puti [dot] karina [dot] puar [at] gmail [dot] com


  • This blog is entirely personal and doesn’t represent any company or organization
  • Every picture and photo here belongs to Puty Puar unless stated otherwise. If you find your content (text, picture, photo) here uncredited, please contact her.