Puty Puar.

Indonesian, mixture of Minang, Minahasan, & Ambonese, currently living in Bekasi. Spent 4 years studying geology in Bandung then 5 years working with it in an energy company in Balikpapan. Married to a geoscientist. A mom of a son. Now she’s doing illustration, design, and also a little business.

She enjoys good books and traveling. She also writes B.yond W.rds, a blog of black and white photos and some imperfect writings.

Maybe you’ve heard or read her name somewhere else. Well, it’s a small world after all :)


About This Blog

Puty started writing this journal when she was a junior high school student (yes, a pretty geeky one as you can guess), in 2003. After years and years being written, you might find various subjects here, such as random deep thoughts, photos from her trips, lyrics of sad songs, traveling itineraries, or wedding preparation tips and trick. This journal, or you can say blog, is alternately written in Bahasa Indonesia and English usually depending on the subject.

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For media kit and business inquiries please contact: puti [dot] karina [dot] puar [at] gmail [dot] com


  • This blog is entirely personal and doesn’t represent any company or organization
  • Every picture and photo here belongs to Puty Puar unless stated otherwise. If you find your content (text, picture, photo) here uncredited, please contact her.