Bucket List

Bucket list is a list of things to do before someone dies.

Here goes mine:

1. Visit Studio Ghibli, Japan
In front of Ghibli Museum
2. Watch Iker Casillas live ( I didn’t but I went to Bernabeu. I was happy, just enough :))
3. Design a best friend’s wedding invitation
4. Design mine too!
5. See aurora
6. Have my work exhibited
7. Get my writing / photos / artwork published in hard copy (I joined a writing project called DestinASEAN and it was published as book)
8. Own a business / shop (postcard / stationary / books / craft / etc)
9. Have my lines of words turned into song
10. Watch Sigur Ros live
11. Ride a hot air balloon
12. Go to Norah Jones concert
13. Kiss someone in the rain
14. Learn to cook & bake
15. Come to typical American carnival / amusement park, with roller coaster & hotdog & soda on hands
16. Decorate my own house / studio
17. Visit my grandpa & grandma’s hometowns
18. Visit Hershey’s Town
19. Appear in Bobo Magazine :))
20. Get my mom a vacation in Europe (well, it was Hong Kong though. Let’s take it as half-checked :p)
21. Listen to jazzy playlist while strolling around NYC
22. Master another language
23. Graduation again, Ayah Bunda Zakki attending it
24. Teach for voluntary
25. Own a trampoline (my lovely girls from high school bought one for me as a wedding gift!)
26. Put my postcards & cameras in proper display
27. Go to Africa
28. Buy an original designer handbag
29. Get married ;) (thank you, Anggun Pribadi :))
30. Have children; teach them to appreciate grass, sea & sky before introducing them to television
31. Attend Zakki’s graduation
32. Attend Zakki’s wedding
33. Visit Santorini with spouse
34. Step on 5 continents
35. Work around North Sea
36. Wear hijab, properly
37. Hajj, pilgrimage to Mecca
38. Disneyland with my kids later (or not :p)
39. Publish illustrated books for children
40. Drive properly



  1. ah, north sea. Kamu musti kerja di Norway kalo gitu put, banyak lahan offshore :D

    the awkward thing about north sea is, u don’t want to swim in, too cold.

  2. Kalo butuh temen utk no. 5, 11, 15, 21, 34, aku siap lho.
    No. 33 juga mau sebenarnya, tapi di situ udah tertulis spesifik partner jalan yg kamu mau :D
    No. 27 insya Allah bakal segera dicoret. Nah yg no. 2, ada kemungkinan dicoret sekalian gak?

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