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I hardly ever wrote about this here, that we had been battling with cancer. Mama, my mother in law, had lung cancer that had been spread to her bone and, discovered later, her brain. It was August last year and already on the late stadium when we found out. We decided to fight together, as family. Mama was a cancer survivor a decade ago, why couldn’t she be one again? She moved to our house and started series of scanning, consultation, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, medicines, days and nights of waiting and staying at the hospital, hours of being trapped in Bekasi-Jakarta traffic jams, everything which we already lost count of. They seemed never-ending and beyond exhausting, but Mama was one of the strongest persons I’ve ever known. She hardly whined and always had great sense of humor (spiced up with sarcasm that made us clicked). She prayed a lot, recited Al-Qur’an, and tried to live the fullest. People believed that we took care and supported her very well, but in a way, it was her that took care of us with love and things that just …

The Big Decision

I’m a type of person who plans everything, including the unplanned. Every end of a year, I write things I want do and achieve for the following year. I turn them into plans and keep a checklist so I can review them before making a new one a year later. For 2016, I made the shortest checklist but also the hardest. Some of you may notice that I & my husband had been on long distance relationship-slash-marriage since 2013. In 2014, the year we got married, he got a scholarship for his second master degree. He studied in UK for a year and I decided to stay in Balikpapan. Last September, after he finished, he came back for good to Indonesia and to his job in Jakarta while I was still in Balikpapan for mine. We bought a house in Bekasi and of course we planned to make it a home; a family that stays together, hopefully with kids. The thing was: with low oil price situation, I had to choose between moving to Bekasi …

Bon Iver Asia Tour 2016

When I knew that Bon Iver would perform in Asia including Singapore, the only seats that were left were those in the outermost circle of The Star Performing Arts Theatre. I asked A to come with me and we planned a little getaway. So we bought the tickets, the cheapest ones, because we knew it wouldn’t be wild-o-everybody-sings-along kind of concert. We thought we could even just sit and close our eyes. Fortunately, we were right (except that I didn’t really close our eyes and enjoyed the lighting). Fortunately, they were really really awesome. They played the favorites of For Emma, Forever Ago (2007) and Bon Iver, Blood Bank (2009), and Bon Iver, Bon Iver (2011). The only song I hoped they’d play but they didn’t was ‘Wisconsin’. However, they played Roslyn, even without St. Vincent. Beautiful. :’)