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Fat Bunny Photo Shoot at Home

It’s been a long time since I took photograph as a hobby. In fact, it’s been too long that nowadays I no longer put ‘photography’ on my hobbies and interests list. I mean, how am I supposed to answer question like, “Okay, so you like photography? What do you do about it other than Instagram?” So when I decided to present Fat Bunny by puty‘s new collection in a lookbook form, the only person that came into my mind to be the model is Noumi: my best best friend which I know well enough to accept my long-forgotten basic skill of photography. Surprisingly, I really like the results. So, here are my favorites: Advertisements


Little Start of Growing Dreams

Seminggu belakangan ini, tepatnya sejak tanggal 15 Agustus lalu, saya lumayan sibuk mengurusi project / bisnis / mainan baru yaitu ‘Little Fat Bunny’. Little Fat Bunny ini merupakan brand untuk produk bayi dan anak-anak dengan desain dan ilustrasi saya sendiri. Nah, sebetulnya di post kali ini, instead of pure promotion, saya lebih ingin cerita sedikit kisah kasih di balik Little Fat Bunny. Another Fat Bunny Untuk yang sudah familiar dengan ‘jualan’ saya, sebelumnya saya membuat ‘Fat Bunny’ dan meluncurkan beberapa produk seperti pin badges, pouch, dan magnet kulkas tanpa peruntukkan umur tertentu. Nah, boleh dibilang Little Fat Bunny ini adalah adiknya karena desain dan gambar-gambarnya setipe (ya iyalahhh…) Namun demikian, sedikit berbeda dengan Fat Bunny, Little Fat Bunny ini saya buatkan domain dan akun Instagram serta Facebook sendiri. Untuk urusan pemesanan juga saya buatkan email dan akun LINE@ khusus supaya lebih terorganisir. Another First Collection Untuk koleksi pertama yang diluncurkan pada Mini Opening minggu lalu, saya mengambil tema yang terinspirasi dari nama yang disiapkan oleh saya dan suami untuk si anak dalam perut, hihi.

Malware Drama and Fat Bunny byputy SALE

Some of you might have noticed that last week this blog, my portfolio and Fat Bunny (all under couldn’t be accessed due to malware issue.  I have to admit that this is my first experience dealing with malware after 8 years of hosting my own sites. Well, I learned a lot. With the helps of Qwords technical support team, and endless forums browsing, eventually this morning Google was done reviewing and stated that things were solved and clean. However, I’m not really sure if the issue is totally fixed. Let’s just hope so……. :[ Well, despite the malware stuff, I was pretty productive. Working full time from home surely bring a lot of inspiration. I started doing custom illustration again but in very limited number, gathering more ideas for a book and also preparing my new line for baby and kids :D I also had to move Fat Bunny second collection stock along with the packaging (woven label, tags, wrappers, etc) from my parents’ house and fit everything in my working space. There were not many stuff …