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Malware Drama and Fat Bunny byputy SALE

Some of you might have noticed that last week this blog, my portfolio and Fat Bunny (all under couldn’t be accessed due to malware issue.  I have to admit that this is my first experience dealing with malware after 8 years of hosting my own sites. Well, I learned a lot. With the helps of Qwords technical support team, and endless forums browsing, eventually this morning Google was done reviewing and stated that things were solved and clean. However, I’m not really sure if the issue is totally fixed. Let’s just hope so……. :[ Well, despite the malware stuff, I was pretty productive. Working full time from home surely bring a lot of inspiration. I started doing custom illustration again but in very limited number, gathering more ideas for a book and also preparing my new line for baby and kids :D I also had to move Fat Bunny second collection stock along with the packaging (woven label, tags, wrappers, etc) from my parents’ house and fit everything in my working space. There were not many stuff …


Home Sweet Office: Merancang Ruang Kerja di Rumah

Menjelang kepulangan saya untuk menjadi Working At Home Mom (WAHM), selain soal suka duka dan tips trik bekerja dari rumah saya juga banyak cari tahu mengenai ruang kerja di rumah alias home office space. Hal ini penting karena dari artikel-artikel yang saya baca soal working from/at home, semua mewajibkan hal yang sama: sediakan ruang / space khusus untuk bekerja, so you can still separate your personal life and you professional matters. Sebetulnya sejak awal saya sudah kepikiran soal ini dan alhamdulillah rezeki kami dapat rumah yang lumayan lapang sehingga bisa saya jatahkan untuk perpustakaan dan ruang kerja (sebelum nantinya dibagi untuk kamar anak). Waktu mempersiapkannya, saya lumayan banyak browsing soal ‘tips-trik’, ‘how to’, ataupun ‘do & don’ts’ soal ruang kerja di rumah ini. Berhubung sekarang ‘Home Sweet Office’ saya sudah jadi, saya pikir cukup menarik untuk merangkum poin-poin soal ruang kerja di rumah dari artikel-artikel yang saya baca serta menuliskan apa yang saya terapkan di rumah sendiri. Siapa tau bisa dicoba oleh teman-teman yang ingin memulai kerja dari rumah juga :)

The Big Decision

I’m a type of person who plans everything, including the unplanned. Every end of a year, I write things I want do and achieve for the following year. I turn them into plans and keep a checklist so I can review them before making a new one a year later. For 2016, I made the shortest checklist but also the hardest. Some of you may notice that I & my husband had been on long distance relationship-slash-marriage since 2013. In 2014, the year we got married, he got a scholarship for his second master degree. He studied in UK for a year and I decided to stay in Balikpapan. Last September, after he finished, he came back for good to Indonesia and to his job in Jakarta while I was still in Balikpapan for mine. We bought a house in Bekasi and of course we planned to make it a home; a family that stays together, hopefully with kids. The thing was: with low oil price situation, I had to choose between moving to Bekasi …