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365 Ideas of Happiness

Alhamdulillah, this year I must say that I’m very blessed to have a lot of opportunities to do things related to drawing and illustration, including book illustration x) It started early or mid year when Mbak Baiq Nadia, editor of Bentang Pustaka offered me to do illustration for a friend’s book. Surprisingly, it turned out that Mbak Nadia was the editor who did my featured piece on GoGirl! Magazine in 2012. Isn’t life small yet warm and delightful? :) So after the piece for my friend‘s book (I don’t want to spill it yet), I got another offer to do book illustration for Mbak Nurilla Iryani‘s work. It was all about daily dose of happiness! Without any hesitation I said yes and started working on it. The first time I read the manuscript I already loved the book because it really told you, “Happiness is simple.” I was relieved when I knew that Mbak Nurilla liked the illustration and having Mbak Nadia as an editor, she was very very supportive and open minded. The book …