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Shorter Letter

Antariksa, At night, when I look at you sleeping, I feel like writing a love letter. Long long letter. About the past, the present, and the future. About how scared I am and happy at the same time. About promisesĀ I might not be able to keep; to protect you from mosquitoes and bad news. About promises I hope I’m able to keep; to read more stories for you and to take you to Disneyland. About how sorry I am for being imperfect. About sad songs I used to play. About places I used to visit and people I used to meet. About how I feel so distant from everything else. Antariksa, I promise I’ll do my best, but maybe the long long letter must wait. Love, Ibu

I Have a Thing About Backpacker Hostel

Here’s a confession: I have a thing about backpacker hostel. After almost 5 years, I could still recall vividly the first hostel I’ve ever been. I was 21. It was Sleep in Heaven in Copenhagen. It was winter and around midnight when we arrived, with heavy luggages, tired feet, yet relieved heart (and happy tummy after being filled with warm Chinese take out food on the station). I was scared about getting lost that night; too scared for falling in love at the first sight but I can still feel the bunk bed I slept in, hugging a city map the hostel provided me. In the morning, I remembered the hostel free-breakfast which was similar with the other hostels I stayed later; toast, honey, jam, cereal, fresh milk, cheese, orange juice. I looked at the window, there was snow outside and a copy of local newspaper hanging inside. I felt the warmth of the hostel receptionist and stacks of neatly folded city maps, bright colored promotional postcards and other nicely designed attractions information. I remembered …