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City Person

I’m always confused when asked whether I’m a mountain person or beach person. Neither. I’m a city person. What’s wrong with that? But what’s wrong with not answering? Do we really have to answer every single question? Isn’t not answering an answer?

Shorter Letter

Antariksa, At night, when I look at you sleeping, I feel like writing a love letter. Long long letter. About the past, the present, and the future. About how scared I am and happy at the same time. About promises¬†I might not be able to keep; to protect you from mosquitoes and bad news. About promises I hope I’m able to keep; to read more stories for you and to take you to Disneyland. About how sorry I am for being imperfect. About sad songs I used to play. About places I used to visit and people I used to meet. About how I feel so distant from everything else. Antariksa, I promise I’ll do my best, but maybe the long long letter must wait. Love, Ibu