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Another December

And now we’re expecting Christmas again! Yup, I don’t celebrate Christmas but I’m truly joyful for people’s happiness. I’m happy to see people happy for holiday, warmth of the family, pretty glittery trees, thoughtful gifts, good cakes and cookies and the big sale and many many other reasons. I’m truly happy to see my relatives and friends happy to celebrate Christmas either religiously or culturally. December really should be about being jolly, about ending a year gratefully and feeling in peace! :) These are photos from last year when I spent Christmas holiday doing solo Oz trip. I took these two in Melbourne. I remembered that I met Daniel ‘Qronoz’, Erik, and Yulia there, strolling around the super well-planned blocks of Melbourne City Center talking about an adventurous life abroad. Then I hopped to Sydney, meeting Beya and went to Bondi Beach enjoying rain and trying hard not to look awkwardly at those guys with beach wear and Santa hats. I met Elaine whom I really enjoyed talk with, that I still keep in touch …


I wonder if I’ve told a lot about my Aussie trip last year. I posted about Melbourne, Sydney (in black and white), and Fremantle. This month (I guess), two friends moved to Aussie; Perth and Sydney, and it just popped in the lunch talk this afternoon. I remember that I haven’t told much about Perth and Sydney. When I came back from the trip, people frequently asked me which city was my favorite? People were surprised when I mentioned Perth. Well, I just spent 3 days (or less) on each,┬áso a change of mind on another visit is possible. Yes, I love Melbourne for being artsy and cool and cozy that live my youth for another 20 years. I love Sydney for being┬áheterogeneous, for offering many great things. However, I love Perth for being….. developing and not so touristy (but it’s like a gate for Western Australiaahhh). I think it’s a nice place for working and raising kids :p Oh yes, and I looooooooooooove Kings Park.