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A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers

The closer I get to the due date, the easier I’m to get exhausted by physical activities. I guess that is what additional 18 kilograms do (including the little baby weighing approximately 3.1 kgs!) I actually do walk and practice some labor poses everyday, for an hour or two, to start the morning. However, the rest of the day is mostly spent by doing 2 things: Playing childhood favorite PC game, Pharaoh Reading (Um, honestly I also do non-productive things like keeping myself update with the latest Indonesian celebrities’ news and gossips, BuzzFeeding, and online shopping, haha!) Well, due to the pregnancy, I’ve been reading quite more books in these 38 weeks than I usually read in an entire year. Thanks to Big Bad Wolf Book Sale Jakarta last May, I still have some stacks of book unread and for that, I created a special shelf on my Goodreads account called Big Bad Wolf Book Haul just to make sure that I read them :p So far, I’m happy with the books I bought there (and their pretty crazy prizes) and some …

Tips Traveling ke Cina (+ Itinerary 6 Hari)

Setelah saya ingat-ingat, ternyata ada beberapa janji post yang belum saya penuhi di tahun 2015 (bahkan 2014!), salah satunya adalah menulis soal tips dan trik solo traveling ke Cina. Saya melakukan perjalanan ini pada bulan April 2015, jadi tepat sudah setahun yang lalu. Mohon maklum jika tidak selengkap post tips & trik lainnya ya dan mudah-mudahan belum ada perubahan yang signifikan dari yang akan saya tulis ya :) Still, it’s gonna be a long post! Itinerary lengkap dapat didownload di