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When You Befriend Geologists

Do you know what is the worst part of befriending geologists? They fly away. Do you know what is the second worst one? They love the past. Advertisements


30 Days of Learning

When I was a child, I and most kids, drew mountains a lot. Mountains were, maybe, the simplest object we could imagine. And then I (and several else children) grew up and got into these geology things. I never thought a mountain could be so complicated inside. Every mountain has its own tale; its own history. It might be born under the sea or the continental sky. It might be hard outside but weak inside. It might be very hot once then it calmed down. Mountains never writes autobiographies, so we have to ask. We have to ask to them in very special way because each mountain is special. It is special because, just like rain, a mountain is not literally alive but it gives lives; to the people who struggle, the trees and the wild. It takes special people to ask, and we are learning to be that special. *** When I was a child, I and most kids, fight each other a lot. Friendship was not that simple; like little things mattered. And …