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A Weekend Offline

Last Friday my mobile phone stopped working. After 2 years 3 months of working extremely hard (I practically used it for everything: communicating with everyone including my clients and customers, drawing and doodling, taking and editing pictures, jotting down writing ideas, browsing, etc) it just stopped. Maybe it just got tired and I just couldn’t accept it. I tried some tricks to extend its life a bit longer but none of them worked. Well, clearly I had to buy a new mobile phone. I hate to admit that when it comes to buying expensive things, I always turn indecisive. Actually it shouldn’t’ have been so difficult since the replacement must accommodate my need to draw and the option went down to only 2 types. On Saturday, I spent too long thinking and on Sunday morning we already had plan to go to Bandung for a little weekend escape with extended family. I still hadn’t got a new mobile phone but I decided to try letting it be. I should confess that I often mock myself for seeming unable …


Fat Bunny by Puty New Collection: Girl Power!

It’s been a week since I launched the third collection of Fat Bunny by Puty and I haven’t found time to write a blurb. Just like the previous collections, I did everything (except production) by myself from designing, getting in touch with the supplier, taking and editing photos for the product catalog and lookbook, putting everything on the website, making promotional contents on Instagram, answering to customers, all administration, packaging the orders, and dropping everything to the shipping agent (twice a week). Well, but now here I am, sneaking out from my bedroom after my son fell asleep. Let me write something about this collection :) So basically there are 4 tote bags, 4 shopping bags (larger yet thinner than the standard tote bags), 3 sets of pin badges and a mirror key chain paired with a pin badge. Everything was inspired by movies, TV series, book and everyday experiences, and everything is all about girl & women power.