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Photo Filter Generation

Back when I was in university, like, 4-5 years ago, I was so against photo filtering or over-editing. I might sound overrate originality but I thought that people who applied too much filter simply didn’t take good picture. You know, just like girls who apply too much make up on their face just because the society think that their lips should be redder, their cheeks should be pinker, their eyelashes should be bolder and etc. Not that I hated the photographs. I actually liked the unreal slash unusual slash ‘hipstery’ look of photographs. Before Instagram was invented, I took pictures with lomography camera and slide film and got it x-processed. I enjoyed the beauty of surprise. I remembered a nice quote about film photography from one of my favorite analog photographers, “Shooting with film camera is like a lottery. You’ll probably win, you’ll probably lose. With digital camera? You’ll never lose, but you’ll never really win.” I shooted with lomography camera because I appreciate the imperfectness. The camera’s imperfectness. Mine as well. After I graduated …

And even stars are not forever

A: They say no matter how deep dark, and stormy a night seems to be, the stars are shining still. B: But what if, instead of stars, they are just pretty yellow little flowers easily wiped by the rain or your absence? A: I don’t mind. I’ll just try my best to protect them. I think I’ll build a shelter. I’ll even save to buy that kind of self-watering thing people use for a green house. B: You sound…….. sad. A: Well, I can’t turn flowers into stars. B: I see. A: And even stars are not forever. They will turn into explosion in the end.