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A bit of Fremantle,with a (Not So) Old Friend

Looking back one or two years ago, I worked with a lot of nice people on the rig. ‘Living’ on the rig didn’t give people choice whom to work with or without. On being myself, I would prefer building personal relationship rather than going fully professional so I made some good friends. We chatted and laughed, had lunch or supper together, and I even spent many special days with them (yes, I posted quite a lot about spending birthday, Eid, Christmas, and New Year on the rig :’)). One of them was Aldian, one of the best engineers I’ve ever worked with. Not only because he’s professional and responsible, but also genuinely helping and kinda funny. Teaming up with Himawan, Felany and Sathira, they made days easier back then. I had to admit that I started with zero of real-experience about drilling and rig stuff, and having friends like them was a blessing. Long story short, I moved to the office. Some friends were transferred, some resigned, and some just stayed. Aldian was one of …

Story of a Girl on The Rig

The first time I came to TEPI for On Job Training program in January 2011, I didn’t know that I was going to be assigned in Well Geology Operation of GSR. When I knew that the training would involve one or two trips to the drilling rig, I got mixed feelings; worried, excited, plus a bit scared. Maybe just like some of us who work on the office with formal outfit every weekday, working on a rig is a bit out of imagination. Would it be fine for an inexperienced girl from university like me to go to the rig? So I did my first rig trip to Rig Maera. I was introduced to everyone who, unlike what I had imagined, was nice; joking and laughing a lot as well. I knew the pressure for every personnel on board was really high but after all, everyone was just man-alive being and enjoying ‘dangdut’ (as you might do). Another fact was, being inexperienced, as much as being a girl didn’t turn out to be an issue, at all. …

Life on Rig Soehanah

Hello from Rig Soehanah, somewhere in the middle of the sea under the sky. This trip is special because we’ve got 6 wonder-young-women on board :) Best twilights I’ve ever seen in life happened at work. I simply think that I’m one of the luckiest girls in the whole world :)