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Time (Machine)

“I’ve been waiting for the perfect movie title, but finally I decided to just name it. It had to be short, a very familiar, short word. I looked up the most commonly used nouns. The number one most common noun was time. Which made me feel less alone; everyone else was thinking about it too. Number two was person. Number three was year. Number 320 was future. The Future.” Miranda July – It Chooses You 2007 2009 2011

The Day I Lost My Voice

I am typically not a gig-goer. I am too lazy to be inside a crowd with those girls in … (insert ‘animal printed’ / ‘stripes’ / ‘whatever is on GoGirl magazine’ here) and mini outfits. However, last night, it was Copeland and I decided to come. First, Copeland was one of my favorite band (as I told you in this post) and they have my attention. Second, it would be their first and the last gig in here. Third, I’ve dedicated too many of their tracks to my boyfriend :P The show was started at 9 PM, (after 1 hour waiting) and they opened it with ‘Priceless’. Priceless is a song I would recommend to you guys who intend to melt a heart… Cause I need you / Like the dragonflies’ wings need the wind / Like the orphan needs home once again / Like heaven needs more to come in / I need you here like you’ve always been // They went on for about 2 hours. They performed all of my favorites; ‘Take …