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Having my writing on a girl magazine might not be new for me, but with my name in heading 1 and picture of my toiletries on the other page is another thing. Yes, I’m on Gogirl! Magazine this month (February 2012), in ‘Reality’ rubric, talking about my life as a female geologist on the rig.

I’m not really sure if fashion-magazine-readers are interested into these two pages about me with a metallic construction as the header though, but I do hope, those who read would get inspired :)

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  1. wah, makan-makan™

  2. iihhh…kereen, temenku memang hebat dan terkenal sekarang *ngaku2x temen* :)))

    u’re inspiring! as always.. proud of u puty :D

  3. Ini seru lah. Nggak banyak orang dari rig yg gw bisa tahu cerita hidupnya. Nice!

  4. Kusumadewi Avatar

    Hi Kak Puty, I am now a senior in SMAN 68 Jakarta and I am VERY inspired with that article on go girl magazine. Only brave young ladies would be willing to leave big cities and work there. I’ve been interested in engineering field but I doubt that the job I will have later won’t be suitable for females. But now, obviously I’m planning on taking engineering as my major in university later. Thank you :)

  5. pas ngobrol sama nadia (reporter go girl) tentang siapa aja yang udah dia wawancarain, dia bilang:

    ‘kemaren gw wawancara cewe yang kerja di rig’

    sepintas inget, wah, gw kenal tuh anak postcrossing yang kerja di rig.

    begitu gw liat gogel edisi februari:


  6. […] couple of weeks after this, GADIS called me and asked me a short long-distanced interview about my job. I was really excited […]

  7. […] for a friend’s book. Surprisingly, it turned out that Mbak Nadia was the editor who did my featured piece on GoGirl! Magazine in 2012. Isn’t life small yet warm and delightful? […]

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