Magazined: GADIS ;)

A couple of weeks after this, GADIS called me and asked me a short long-distanced interview about my job. I was really excited because it was more like a nostalgia. It was my favorite magazine back in high school, plus I was once a freelancer there.

So I got featured in a booklet talking about professions for this edition (March 6 – 15, 2012). Mostly it talks about my job and the get-some-lose-some of living it. Yes, as a female on the rig (again). It’s nice that field geologist could be one of the 14 dream jobs to be chosen by young girls, along with chef, architect, PR, and (guess what!) character animator (yes, the girl who got involved in “The Adventures of Tintin”, Rini Sugianto! I’M HER FAN!)

Well,  for my dear young girls, dream high and jump out of the box! Hope that you got inspired (again) :)



(PS 1: Thanks Chandrika R K for the photo!)

(PS 2: I’ve just got back from a sweet escape! Too many things to write, so little time, but I’ll catch you later)



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  1. this is so awesome :D

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