I Wrote Less, Therefore I Write Less

Hello 2023! Okay, I’m at least 10 days late to say ‘Happy New Year’ by gregorian calendar standards, but well, seeing that my last post was in November last year, I’m not so bad by ‘I-was-once-a-blogger-community’ standard :p And, yes, nobody asked, but this blog is 20 years old this year. It’s pretty old that I think merely existing is already an achievement.

So, what’s up?

Actually, since December last year, our house has been going under renovation. And yes, it’s not deja vu because we indeed just finished a renovation in March. It’s just common knowledge that renovation is unquestionably tiring and doing that twice a year be lyke:

Anyway, renovation aside (which I’m considering sharing in another post), I’m aware that I kept skipping my End of Year reflection here. I’m still doing it privately though. Probably I’m getting older. Probably I didn’t have that much excitement to brag about anymore. Or anything worth bragging about has been mentioned previously, for example, how ‘Buibu Baca Buku Book Club‘ is still thriving. (Psst, spilling some insider info, we’re going to have a book talk and discussion with Vivy Yusof herself, in collaboration with Penguin Random House SEA this month!)

More about books, I actually broke my reading record last year by reading 92 books. I couldn’t manage to make another post like what I did in 2021, but here they are:

However, I must admit that, ironically, the year I read the most was the year I wrote much less. Not only I couldn’t commit to writing more and longer writings, but I also didn’t write shorter ones (like Instagram captions) that much. Technically, I wrote ‘Empowered ME: Mother Empowers’ in 2020, so it didn’t really count. Maybe you’re wondering why I make such a fuss over this but I’ve always had doubts to call myself a writer even though I’ve always been one (as an amateur; as a professional). These doubts have been constantly pushing me to prove that ‘I can write, not Goenawan-Mohamad-kind-of-writes but well, I have a blog.’ So, yeah, in short: a minor identity crisis (?)

What’s worse: I realize that I wrote less, therefore I write less.

I’ve stopped believing in major writer’s block that must be beaten by doing a 2-weeks retreat in Ubud (I want one though). I’m aware that I wrote less due to a lack of discipline and commitment. Period. I’m now a believer in what Adam Grant mentioned in his book, ‘Originals’:

“It’s widely assumed that there’s a tradeoff between quantity and quality—if you want to do better work, you have to do less of it—but this turns out to be false. In fact, when it comes to idea generation, quantity is the most predictable path to quality.”

Adam Grant – ‘Originals’

Well, I can ‘blame’ other things too actually but I think it’s better to look ahead.

So, I think ‘writing more, longer writings‘ is on my 2023 list, along with, getting back to my afternoon walks routine, taking care of my skin, and fundraising for BBB.

And oh, visiting Japan and starting another book project, maybe?

By the way, what are yours?

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  1. kayanya tahun lalu baca lebih banyak dari dua tahun lalu.
    ngeblog juga lebih banyak dari dua tahun lalu.

    mari lihat tahun ini :)

  2. Pengen nulis lagi juga tahu ini hehe

  3. Was your booklist is amazing kak. Can’t wait to see Give Yusof book talk with you ?

  4. weh masih update aja nih Blog, 20th lalu, masih rame banget, sekarang dah pada pindah ke Fb, IG dan WA

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