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August came and got me a year older

It came with cakes, wishes & smiles from people who got starlight on their eyes. Thank you Anggaputra, Jesika-Brenda-Mala-Shabi, those special twelve Hardi, Keni, Hakim, Sari, Feni, Cebi, Panjie, Dinoy, Ai, Japir, Beyo, Pii; Ramda and the rest of Liga Film Mahasiswa; those who called, who texted, who said it on Facebook, on Twitter, or left it on blog. Thank you Bunda & Ayah & Zakki & Mbak Yanti for waiting at home. Oh, yes, thank you, Harris Nugrahardi for the fantastic plastic camera & for being better and sweeter than Edward.

Thank God, for creating the universe with good good friends and blueberry cheesecake.

* * *

So now, I’m ‘Twenty Something’. A good friend said, it’d be a beautiful nightmare, and I trusted her as much as I believe in miracles and street lamps.

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Puty Puar. F/27. Indonesian. Former rocker, blogger, freelance illustrator, book enthusiast, who is running little business while homemaking. Started this blog in 2002.


  1. Happy 21st Birthday, Puty….
    Wish you all the best ya…
    You’ll be a year older, but I believe you’ll be also get wiser than before…


  2. happy birthday dear puty.

    kmrn2 gw liat lo pake kostum dokter di kampus.heheu.acara lfm ya put?

  3. omg!! putyyy when was your birthday? i cant remember congratulating you on your birthday :( i’m so very sorry, but happy belated birthday! may love, light and happiness always be on your path. and hopefully we can do our unfinished project *uhuk*, someday :p

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