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Happy New Year (Literally)

Happy (belated) New Year 2012 :) I wish all joy for everyone of us and may the best is always yet to come.

So how has the first everything in 2012 been?

Mine; I spent the new year eve and my first day of 2012 on the rig because the wireline logging tool got stuck on the borehole and we needed a couple extra days for fishing operation. It was a thousands-dollar experience (literally). Not bad, though. The midnight roast corn & cold Coke weren’t bad at all and I had pie and cake and even roast duck for the first lunch of the year.

As soon as I stepped my feet back on the ground, it was a happy new year, with greetings (and good news) from best friends. I received one from Bolivia as well yesterday which made my day. Another thing was the short conversations of appreciation from my boss(es) about my work. It was relieving.

And it’s a happy new year because I’ve got loads of good plans for this year including:

– Recuperation for 2 weeks starting from January 13th
>> Short trip to Jogjakarta and visiting Zakki in Magelang
>> Meet-ups with best friends in Jakarta and Bandung
>> Rewatching my Ghibli movies collection
– Getting my own Kindle and special customized case from Mbak Tarlen 
Death Cab for Cutie this March
– Japan in April (yes, Japan!) :)

Shall we end it with Another-New-Year-Resolutions? I decided to make them simple.

  • Healthier life with fruits and vegs
  • Anger and gluttony management with fasting every Monday & Thursday
  • To give more
  • To enjoy life and travel more
  • To do my best


Alhamdulillah – Bismillah.

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  1. jadinya ke Jepang put? asiiikkk…koleksi Ghibli nya makin nambah ntar :D

    wish u wonderfull life this year!

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