Month: March 2012

If everything really happens for another reason.

Lessons learned. It’s the dilemma of growing up. Some lessons turned to be boundaries and experiences are sometimes traumatic. The more lessons, the more I’m doubtful to try and fall. The more I read hauntingly-beautiful books, the cheesier other love fictions get. The more silence I discover in songs, the noisier television gets. The farther I fly, the farther I want to be; and as nights pass by, the more coffee I need. Things’ve been changing. I grow up & regret some things I did when I was younger. But then, maturity includes accepting that everything’s happened for reasons. So instead of turning back time and undoing what I did or changing who I was more than half of decade ago, I wish for another chance. If everything really happens for another reason. Hey.

I ____ ___

I ____ ___ at most on every take-off; when I barely feel my feet on the ground and my _____ in the sky I ____ ___ like an old favorite track from high school that came back ___ _______ with the smell of cheap teenage eau de cologne I ____ ___ like longing for extra caffeine after the second ___ of the evening ______ I ____ ___ like walking very, very slowly, through an empty tunnel leading _______ I ____ ___ like missing a missing montage