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A New Journey Has Just Begun

In the name of Allah SWT, The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful, I’m gratefully sharing this news,

I & my husband are expecting a baby boy :)

I’m currently 20 weeks pregnant. Yesterday I visited my obgyn to do monthly check up and ultrasound scan. The baby was healthy and growing well along with the Mom who’s now 10 kgs bigger already! It was the first time we discovered the gender and the whole family couldn’t be more excited :D

I’ve been pretty discreet about this and actually put quite a lot of thoughts about announcing the news. During the first trimester, I only told my closest friends in Balikpapan because I couldn’t stand going and hanging out in the evening. Fortunately (or unfortunately?), I didn’t suffer from morning sickness but evening sickness so I just worked as usual from 07.30 – 17.30 but after that I could hardly do anything. I had to say that I worried much from hearing the miscarriage experiences of some close friends and family members and also because I had to take care everything by myself in Balikpapan.

However, Alhamdulillah, now I’m reaching the mathematically halfway point of pregnancy and feeling very well and happy. The evening sick is now behind me and a lot of changes and plans are ahead (will write about this later). So, I guess this is the right time for the good news :) Although I’m not planning to share too much or do maternity photo shoot and stuff, I will write some things worth sharing and remembering under ‘Pregnancy’ category.

So, yeah,

Welcoming Parenthood


Write more soon!

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  1. congrats Puuut, beda seminggu kita. eh tapi ku sudah sok tau km hamil via IG, sih.. hehehe.

    lucky you udah naik 10kg, aku masih harus mengembalikan defisit 4kg lagi ? smg sehat2 semuaaa, mmmuuuaaah!

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